If you’re new to casinos and don’t know the difference between a scatter symbol and a wild symbol, we are here to provide you all the necessary guidance to make your casino experience a sweeter one. We explain how to increase your chances of winning jackpot slot games and how progressive jackpots work, how to get your hands on free spins and other difficult casino terminology to turn you into an all-round awesome casino game player.

Betting Systems

There are some who say that they are able to understand the future outcome of games, they claim to do this by analyzing previous games. While this may be true for blackjack and similar strategy games, it is unverified for other card games. Below we take a close look at some of the most often used betting systems in casinos, and we make a quick analysis to show if they truly are successful or if they are not.

Online casino money management

Online gaming can award players with lots of fun and great cash returns, simply from the comfort of their own home. However, the danger with gamers playing at online casinos is that the cash they are playing with is usually linked directly to an account, so gamers do not always keep track of, and are thus not always aware of how much money they have gambled.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addictions are not always directly apparent, and sometimes can be hard to spot. Gambling addictions are sometimes referred to as “hidden illness”, as there are no clear signs like what you will find with other addictions.

Beginners Guide to Online Casinos

When looking for an optimal gaming experience, many beginners might not know where to start. However, online gaming is made to be user-friendly, so you need not fear when embarking on your first gaming experience. Below a guide has been composed for beginner users, so that they can feel entirely at ease, and make optimal use of their time.

Basic gambling maths and probabilities

Your gambling is enhanced when you are able to understand the basic math and probability behind winning a game. The basic math attributed or used for gambling is called probability and odds. Once you understand the probability and odds for you winning a give game, you will able to play responsible and will likely come out with more money.

Online Casino Regulation

Jurisdiction is important in a gaming site, because it often shows that your money is being protected, and that the games of the site are fair and not rigged. The first step most reliable online casinos take when they enter the gaming market is to get jurisdiction to show their credibility and reliability.

Advantages of playing at online casinos

If you enjoy visiting casinos, you could be forgiven for assuming that online casinos cannot compare to the whole experience that land based venues provide. There are, after all, some aspects of the experience that simply cannot be matched online.

Casino Bonuses & Rewards

Let's face it: there are only a limited number of casino games on the market, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of online sites that offer these games. For you to choose one site over another for your real-money play, sites have to come up with enticing ways to make you a depositor and to keep you a loyal player.

Craps Tips and Strategy

Craps is generally considered a pure game of chance rather than skill. However, if you are gambling on craps, it is important to make the best choices when selecting your bet type and style of play. This takes intelligence, awareness and general knowledge of the game.

Craps Rules

Craps is a casino table game, so called because in a land based casino, it is played on a specially marked, felt covered table. This game of chance can be played by up to approximately 20 players. Craps involves having each player in turn roll a pair of dice while everyone makes bets on the outcome.

Craps Odds and the house edge

Craps is different from other table games such as blackjack, for example, where players are wagering on only one of two potential outcomes. In craps there are more than 20 possible bet types. Each different type of craps bet comes with its own odds.

Craps bet types explained

While the Shooter in craps must choose between either a Pass Line or a Don’t Pass bet, the other players have many more betting options. In fact, before either taking your place at a casino craps table or playing craps for real money online, it is highly recommended to study the various types of bets in a craps game and to memorize at least the most basic ones.

Video Poker Strategy

Although it tends not to have all bells and whistles and fancy themes that online slots do, video poker can be one of the most enjoyable casino games on the Web. The fact that winning bets depend on strategy and skill, and not on just sheer luck, makes the game something of a mental workout.

Video Poker Tips

Whether you’re about to play video poker for the first time or you’re an old and experienced hand, there’s always room for improvement. In fact, that’s a big part of the fascination that this casino game holds for so many people.

Video poker payouts explained

Video poker has been around for a while in land based casinos as a way for gamblers to play poker with a machine rather than a live dealer. As a result, the game made a smooth and fairly seamless transition to the online casino setting.

Video poker odds and the house edge

In the casino gaming world, the popular wisdom goes that the house always has the edge. In simple terms, this translates to saying that the “house,” or casino, always takes in more money in bets than it pays out in prizes. After all, a casino is a business and it must make a profit to keep going.

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