Online Casino Regulation

Jurisdiction is important in a gaming site, because it often shows that your money is being protected, and that the games of the site are fair and not rigged. The first step most reliable online casinos take when they enter the gaming market is to get jurisdiction to show their credibility and reliability. Therefore, if a gaming site does not get jurisdiction, it might mean that they do not wish to have someone watching over their transaction, a clear sign that they might not be credible. Jurisdiction entails that the gaming software meets the internationally prescribed level of fairness, so that the chances of you winning is more than likely to be in your favor.

Additionally, you are unable to set up a wire or transfer account from a bank to an unregulated gaming site, or a site without a proper license.

Different regulations in different countries

However, what gamers must be aware of is that regulations and jurisdiction differ amongst states, meaning one state might be very concerned and aware of ensuring the gaming site awards players fair and accurate bonuses, other regulators might not be as strict on this issue. Therefore, just because a gaming site is regulated do not mean that all sites are held to identical standards. For optimal protection, gamers are advised to search online to find out the details of your gaming site of choice’s regulation policy.

For example, Great Britain has one of the highest standards for gambling, and works to ensure that all the rights of the gamer are protected. The United Kingdom’s seal ensures one hundred percent credibility. Therefore, when the United Kingdom also endorses another state for high regulations, such as they did with Gibraltar in 2005, you can expect extremely high quality from gaming sites that boast a Gibraltar certification.

Another state with high standards of quality is Austria. Austria requires extremely strict regulations, to ensure all their gamers are protected. However, the Austrian seal is only awarded to gambling sites that have an IP address in Austria, or hold their physical headquarters in Austria.

Unfortunately to date, there is no sort of uniform system of gaming laws throughout all states in the world. Therefore it is imperative for gamers to always consider the laws of their own country while playing, and be sure not to be transgressing any of them. What may be acceptable elsewhere in the world might not be in your home country, so remember, protected gamers are gamers who take the time to research their gaming sites, and learn about jurisdictions.