Video poker payouts explained

Video poker has been around for a while in land based casinos as a way for gamblers to play poker with a machine rather than a live dealer. As a result, the game made a smooth and fairly seamless transition to the online casino setting. In either venue, the game is controlled by a random number generator (RNG), which ensures that numbers come up in an arbitrary sequence. Video poker is popular among Internet gamers because the game requires a challenging combination of luck and skill – although the traditional asset of a “poker face” is not necessary online. The game of video poker can also offer some generous payouts.

The Pay Table

Before settling down and channeling large sums into any video poker game online, take a look at its pay table. If you don’t see the pay table right away, it should be easy to find, usually by clicking “Information” from the game screen. The pay table is a priceless source of knowledge; on it you will see all that particular game’s video poker payouts explained in detail. Look for a game that offers a 9/6 payout, for the best chance at winning some big money. What this means is that it will pay 9:1 if you get a full house (three matching cards of the same rank plus two more matching cards of a different rank, as in three 6s and two 10s) and 6:1 if your hand is a flush (five cards that are the same suit, although not in sequence).

Facts about Video Poker Pay Tables

A simple study of video poker pay table will reveal an important fact; different games pay off at different rates. Since at some online video poker casinos, you will be faced with as many as 50 variations on the basic game, it’s good to know how to choose the right one. Deuces Wild, by its use of wild cards, offers players an instant advantage, so it can turn out to be very profitable. Jacks or Better is probably the most popular video poker game and the most widely available, although it has a somewhat lower payout percentage.


Almost any video poker payout can be improved. You just need to learn basic poker strategy, which has been developed over the years by clever players looking to beat the odds. The beauty of playing video poker online is that, as a beginner, you can play at your own pace and research strategy tips as you go along. One fundamental piece of video poker strategy is this: betting the max – five coins – will proportionately give you a much better return on your wager.