Video Poker Tips

Whether you’re about to play video poker for the first time or you’re an old and experienced hand, there’s always room for improvement. In fact, that’s a big part of the fascination that this casino game holds for so many people. You never need to rely on sheer blind luck, and so you always have a chance to better your skills and your chances at substantial payouts. You can do this by studying poker strategy charts and learning video poker tips, then deciding which ones you would like to incorporate into your game. Probably your own personal combination of strategies, tips and hands on practice will work the best for you.

Know Your Game

“Know your game” has a double meaning here. First, it means that you should know which type of video poker you want to play and why. Different games can have very different payout rates, and the pay tables are no secret, so inform yourself. Second, learn all the rules of the video poker variant that you are going to try. Strategies and charts are great, but they make much more sense after you’ve mastered the basics of the game.

Study Video Poker Strategy

Once you know the rules, you are ready to look into the strategies. There are a lot of strategy charts available to predict what you should do with any given hand. Choose the correct chart for your game and your level of play. Familiarize yourself with its suggestions, and then practice, practice, practice. Video poker was developed especially for people who want to play poker without the distractions of a casino table. Use the quiet to your advantage to test out various moves in peace.

Check Your Bankroll

There are two important elements to most video poker strategies. One is betting the max. You’ll find bonuses attached to betting the maximum number of coins that will increase your takings, so it makes sense to wager five coins rather than a lesser amount. Even if you bet the smallest coin size, though, this can take a certain amount of cash. The other is betting consistently, if you find a game that has a return rate of over 100 percent, until it pays off. This, too, can eat into your gambling budget, so be prepared with an adequate bankroll.

Losing Your Focus

Once you’ve discovered a sound video poker strategy, stick with it. Don’t lose your focus on the goal – working in a systematic way toward a large payout. If you need a break from your selected game and the corresponding strategy, take a walk, grab a sandwich or play with your dog for a while. Don’t play a hunch or a long shot, or spend your money on an attractive looking game with a low rate of return. That’s really a waste of time and cash.