Privacy policy

Your privacy is taken very seriously. We know that when you share your personal information with us, we need to keep it secure and use it fairly and lawfully. To help you understand how we do this, we’ve put together this privacy notice so you are clear about what happens to your personal information when you engage with our services.


When you register for an account with any site you can visit through our website you enter into a contract with them, as set out in our Terms and Conditions. For them to be able to keep up our end of the contract and provide you with access to our services they need to process some personal information about you. At every registration form they will always make it clear which information is mandatory and which information you can decide not to give them if you do not want to. If there are pieces of information that are mandatory and you do not want to provide to them, then you will not be able to hold an account with us and use our services.

We will never ask you to provide any sensitive personal information, such as information about your health, or your race or ethnic origin. There may be times when you may choose to disclose information like this to us, such as when you are speaking with our Ambassadors. If you disclose a health condition which we feel may impact your ability to make rational decisions around your gameplay, we may take the decision to block you from our services for your own safety.


Our website processes a small amount of information about anyone who visits our website. We do this so that we can better understand the individuals who visit our website and to help us identify and solve problems more effectively. We do this by using technical programmes and functionality cookies. We process information to ensure that we provide an enjoyable, secure and smooth customer journey and that we protect the product from abuse that could compromise other users ability to use the service.

Changes to this privacy notice

We will review and update this privacy notice anytime there is a significant change.
If we make any changes to the privacy notice we will summarise these changes below. We may also contact you to notify you of any significant changes if we think this is necessary.